We have our “Pay no Penalty” Guarantee

We serve clients from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, health care, legal, IT services, consulting services, property management, real estate, wholesaler, construction, retailer and not-for-profit.  Our consultation and services allows our clients to focus on what they do best – running their businesses!


 "Discount up to FREE 3 Months Bookkeeping" - Call for Detail


  • Monthly Bookkeeping, Bank Reconciliations

  • Compilation of Financial Statements, Notice to Reader

  • Government Reporting HST, Payroll, WSIB, T4, T5

  • We takecare of all your accounting issues.

Our monthly accounting and bookkeeping service is customized to the needs of your business. We offer record keeping solutions and government filing support as well as more complex tax planning and reporting. Each month, we prepare and review a complete financial statement package that adheres to the related accounting standards, so that you can more effectively manage your financial future.
Our tailored monthly financial statements and accounting services are supported with a full understanding of your individual needs, issues, and deadlines! 


Payroll Services

Maintaining payroll is necessary, but it can be a time consuming activity, especially for growing businesses. Our PayTrak service will take this daunting task off your hands and offer you a way to simplify the payroll process, which will free up time and money to let you focus on your business. The use of this full service payroll provider, geared exclusively to you the business owner, combined with our dedicated service and personalized attention offers our clients peace of mind.
Just give us the responsibility and you’ll never have to worry about payroll!

Benefits of PayTrak to you and your business

  • Conversion to our payroll service is easy.

  • A dedicated customer service representative will make the difficult seem simple.

  • It is an efficient and timely service with no penalties. Guaranteed!

  • Simple payroll information gathering process and concise employer records.

  • Payroll tax filing service (TaxTrak).

  • Direct deposit to make life easier for you and your employees.

  • Independent contractor payments.

  • Immediate government remittances.


Business Consultation

 "FREE Initial Consultation"

  • Starting a Business or Buying a Business

  • Contractor or Self-Employed

  • Professional or Service provider

  • Students or New in Canada

  • Business Plans & Financial Projections

From a consistent, accurate and complete set of records, we have the basis for consulting and advising you about your business. Most business owners need to consult with their trusted advisors regularly regarding almost any facet of their business. We will take the time necessary each month to ensure you get your questions – no matter how complex – answered.
Through our “Reality Check” database we can compare your results against industry standards developed from our thousands of clients. We will help you with the sometimes complex financial details relating almost any decision you have to make to grow your business.
We don't just crunch the numbers, we help you make them better!


Tax Services

"Family Discounts" - Call for detail

  • Are you Behind in Filling Taxes?  Are you Audited by CRA

  • Personal & Corporate Tax returns

  • CRA Tax Audits, HST Audit

  • Tax Plan for Business and Individuals

We believe tax planning needs to be a year-round activity if you want to minimize your tax bills. Whether you want to capitalize on your available business deductions or find tax-friendly ways to run your business, we can help reduce your tax liability.
Our tax services include tax planning & advice, tax preparation, as well assistance in answering queries from the Canada Revenue Agency.  We specialize in all the taxes that affect your business: income tax, payroll tax, sales tax…any tax. Included with our monthly service is regular tax planning and advice.  In addition, we prepare and e-file corporate and personal tax returns for our clients year-end and prepare GST, HST, and Payroll tax remittances.

We work at staying current with tax changes that occur throughout the year. We continuously receive training to ensure we are kept up-to-date on what matters to our clients.
We guarantee that our thoughtful tax planning will minimize your tax exposure and eliminate any surprises!


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