Developing a strong business plan for success

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Developing a sound business plan is one of the best ways to ensure the success of any new business, explains Rajasri CPA in Toronto.

Many new business owners think a business plan is necessary only if they are trying to secure financing, but all start-ups should begin with a detailed business plan that will act as a roadmap and define company goals and the path to reaching those goals.

Business plans are a valuable tool for new or existing businesses. Plans for starting up a business will outline key elements like projected sales, costs, expenses and the timing of payments, but they also help determine if your idea is marketable and help keep you focused and on track.

Business plans can help you look at your idea objectively and come up with a realistic game plan. Typically, a business plan will include:

Executive summary and business overview: The executive summary will outline key points in your business plan, while the business overview includes points like the type of business and its history, the legal structure, the location, and how you plan to do business.

Market and competitive analysis: It is important to do the research to find out exactly what your target market is and how you plan to tap into that market. You also need to know how much competition you're up against, and determine how your company will have the edge.

Products and services: Your business plan should detail any products you are manufacturing or selling, and the services you will be providing, with a description of each.

Marketing and sales: Outline how you plan on bringing your product or services to the consumer, and include pricing information and marketing and advertising plans.

Financial plan and projections: You will want to refer back to this section of your plan as you establish your business and see that you meet or exceed expectations. It will include the start-up and maintenance costs, business expenses and all financing projections.

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